Blog highlights:

  • The main skillset of a Professional Services expert is to have excellent confidence and communication skills
  • Be an MVP (Most Valuable Problem solver)
  • We call them “The Migration Experts”
  • Growth in cloud communications is inevitable, and so as career opportunities 

What is Professional Services?

Professional Services works directly with customers and project managers to help them have a simple and hassle-free cloud migration process (hence our “Cloud Migration Experts”). From supporting and guiding our customers through consultation, implementation, and adoption, the PS team ensures a better customer experience with RingCentral technology.

By becoming part of our Professional Services team, you will understand the ins and outs of our cloud communication software, enabling you to provide personalized assistance, high touch services, and, lastly, end-to-end project management to our customers.


How to succeed in Professional Services?

Although key responsibilities and qualifications are commonly attached to every job posting, having these top 4 must-have skills are what will help you succeed as our Professional Services expert.

Here are the 4 Must-Have Skills of a Professional Services Expert:

Unshakably Confident

Your confidence is vital in helping you be more assertive in managing your day-to-day tasks. Our customers and partners trust you to determine the best course of action for their specific needs. When you’re confident in managing your time and responsibilities; you improve productivity and efficiency for both the company and its clients.

A PS expert who is confident in themselves knows how to set goals and reach them on time, thus understanding their capabilities and where to make use of them at work.

MVP (Most Valuable Problem solver)

Coming up with a solution is good. But to be an MVP (Most Valuable Problem-solver), you must provide EFFECTIVE solutions. Competent PS Engineers and Project Managers respond to issues using analytical, strategic, and accurate methodologies.

Cloud-based communication is constantly innovating, and your adaptability skill comes in very handy, more so when handling global leading companies from different industries, geographies, and company sizes.

Clear Communicator

It is through good communication skills that you achieve excellent customer satisfaction. It ensures that company products and services are well delivered. In Professional Services, you turn complex terminologies into common and simple instructions.


Clear communication will help you maintain a positive and productive relationship with both your clients and team members.

Up-to-date Techy

Keeping up with cloud communication innovations and having up-to-date technical skills helps you be proficient in performing your task, and at the same time, you are future-proofing your career in Professional Services.


The growth of UCaaS and CCaaS cloud-based communication is predicted to thrive in the market for the next years, guaranteeing that a profession in this industry has exceptional career growth.

Join our growing Professional Services team today!

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