Consider the characteristics you seek in a company while applying for a job or deciding whether or not to stay. Do you find a high, sustainable salary to be impressive? Or are you more likely to stay because of the rewards and privileges you receive? Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with all of these. As employees, you are entitled to a fair and equitable wage and benefits package. But, on top of that, it’s also a good idea to assess your company’s culture and efforts in keeping employee morale up.

Here in RingCentral, we believe that diversity and inclusion initiatives carry weight in attracting talents and ensuring that all employees feel a sense of belongingness in the workplace.

The presence of a diverse workforce does not imply an inclusive culture. RingCentral recognizes that diversity alone would not be enough to respect each employee’s distinct needs, ideas, and capabilities. This is why diversity and inclusivity should always come as a package.

Ahead of the curve

An inclusive workplace not only has a diverse workforce, but it has a diverse workforce that is engaged, developed, empowered, and trusted by the company. RingCentral embraces each and every one of its employees and strives to provide a continuously rewarding workplace experience for everyone, regardless of who they are or what position they hold within the company.

We are dedicated to establishing a workplace where all contributions of employees are recognized and opinions are heard by making diversity and inclusion an intentional aspect of our company culture. We provide our employees with realistic and practical recommendations for creating an inclusive, respectful workplace, as well as how to handle and navigate any problems they may encounter, as soon as they get their feet in our door.

Allyship and action

Transgender people and their allies around the world are commemorating Transgender Day of Remembrance this November by raising awareness about who transgender people are, telling their stories and experiences, listening, and helping to advance advocacy around the topics that matter to the transgender community.

We’ve been involved in a variety of movements and social concerns in recent years to keep our people aware and empowered. Our Culture Council had started off a Pride Parade, where our staff, both LGBTQ+ and Allies marched while raising and waving rainbow flags. We’ve also helped raise HIV awareness by hosting a conference on the disease’s awareness and prevention. Employees are also members of many social and hobby clubs to ensure that work-life balance is maintained.

Our commitment

“RingCentral’s diverse and accepting culture allowed me to ease in perfectly in an organization that I treat now as my second home. This is definitely a company that understands not only the business but also its employees,” said Frank Valeri Achy, our French Implementation Advisor Operations at RingCentral.

RingCentral strives to provide three things for its employees: inclusion of different individuals in the company, guaranteeing that everyone has an opportunity to take part in the workplace, and ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and can express their whole, unique self to work.