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With the help of employee referrals

We develop a culture that makes RingCentral a great place to work.

What is RPeople

RPeople is our Employee Referral Program and your opportunity to connect your network of great people to RingCentral

what we do

Through your valued referrals, we get connected with talented people.

We are always proud of RingCentral work culture and want to bring it closer to your friends and family. Our employee referral program is our way of sharing opportunities and career growth. This program contributes more than 50% share of hires quarterly.

We are global

We are leveling up RPeople by automating the entire referral process across all regions, and enabling cross-country referrals, integrating everything into one convenient global platform.


Employee Referral Program

RPeople Promo

As a reward to our most effective RPeople referrers, we've given away big raffle prizes for our employees to experience and enjoy with their families and friends.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to RecruitDay?

We will no longer be using RecruitDay starting July 30, 2022, as we will be transitioning to a new global platform, RolePoint. Don’t worry, though, because all the referrals bucketed under RecruitDay before the switchover will be tracked by Recruitment Operations until full transition and will still be credited to you. However, starting July 20, 2022, you must use our new platform for your referrals to be processed.

How can I refer through the new RPeople Portal? How do I access it?

RPeople Portal is available in your Okta. If you don’t see it there, please file a Fresh Service ticket to request. Once there in your Okta, click the icon and you’ll be taken to the RPeople page. Simply log-in with your RingCentral credentials or choose SSO log in and you’re good to go!

What rewards can I earn?

For every successful referral, an incentive will be awarded to the referrer. Take note that rewards vary depending on specific roles. Check out our payout tier above effective June 10, 2022.

When and how will I receive my referral incentives?

First, your referral must be successful to be able to receive incentives, which means, the eligible referral must be hired for any open external positions. In the Philippines, we have the three-part payment scheme distributed every 30th of the month following the 30th, 90th, and 180th day from the hire of the referral. Once the referred employee has successfully completed prescribed number of days, HR will verify the referring employee is eligible for the bonus and submit a request to payroll for the next cycle. For further details, you may access the Global Employee Referral Policy through this above.

What conditions must referrals complete for me to earn the reward?

Your referral must be successfully hired, must be under your bucket, and must complete the prescribed number of days for the reward to be credited. It is only after your referred employee has worked for the prescribed days will that HR submit a request to payroll to include the qualifying employee referral bonus in your paycheck.

How can I track my referral status?

RolePoint has features that will help you monitor the status of your referrals. The system will notify you via email at every step of the referral process. So always check your email and keep posted.

Who is eligible to be a referral?

Your referral must be sourced through your individual effort, you must inform them of the referral process, must upload updated resume of referral, referral must acknowledge by clicking on the link provided (this serves as consent as well). Your referral CANNOT be any of the following:

  1. A current employee or working as a contractor or a temporary worker, (applies for Acquire BPO and Shore Solutions as well)

  2. A current or prior Partners employee (like KMC Solutions), please coordinate with TA Team on terms and conditions for different Partners (level and breathing/break period varies) Ask Recruitment

  3. Reporting to the referring employee or contractor

Also, take note that the referral program only applies to open external full-time positions. Internships, project-based, temporary, contractor, and rehire from both RingCentral and Acquire BPO positions are not included.

How can I refer using my social media account?

You can always use your favorite social media channels to gain referrals, they may be your friends or someone you know. From the RolePoint homepage, search for a position you want to share, then click the preferred position so you’ll be routed to the description page. On the upper area of the page, click any of the social media icons to automatically share the opening to your account or page. You may also copy the referral link and send it to a connection or a friend.

Can I manually provide the contact details of my referral in the new system?

On the description page of the website, click the button saying “click here to refer a candidate” to start filling out the referral form. Make sure to accomplish the referral form so your referral will be notified via email. Tip: Once done, message your referral if he or she has received the referral invitation via email

Can we refer our connections outside my country? How much will I get?

Yes, we have cross-country referrals. You can now refer friends or connections to another RingCentral location using our new referral tool via RolePoint. The reward and payout scheme is according to the process implemented in your employment location. To know more about the cross-country referral scheme, please read the global referral policy above.