Diversity and Inclusion

December 2, 2022 2023-01-24 7:16
diversity and inclusion

Stronger together

Here at RingCentral, our biggest strength is that we’re not all the same, we advocate for each other and make sure—We All  Belong.

Break the bias

Empowering women

In celebration of International Women’s Month, RingCentral Manila launched the #IAmWomanChallengePH. The contest aims to showcase Filipino women and amplify equal rights for all genders.

Pride month

Eliminating Social Issues

It can be challenging to express yourself freely. Without proper support and programs to address social issues, inclusion is next to impossible. With the help of our Employee Engagement team and the Culture Council, RingCentral employees get educated on social issues, from LGBTQ+ rights to HIV awareness, gender inequality, mental health, and more.


Students and recent graduates they belong

Our inclusive culture is felt even by our RingTerns. Through the RingTernship program, graduating students are involved in corporate work experience without limitations or bias. Skills are honed with exposure to real-world challenges. That is how we position our efforts to create future leaders.