Blog Highlights:

  • In August 2023 we celebrated Theme Day: Love, the Philippines campaign.
  • Theme Day made an epic comeback featuring Dress-Up Day, Decorate Your Bay, and Ube Festival.

According to the Department of Tourism Philippines, as of September 29, 2023, a total of 4,005,465 visitors have explored the Philippines surpassing the 2022 total of 2,025,413 foreign tourists.

With just a recent award-winning its fifth consecutive as Asia’s Leading Dive Destination—the Philippines showcases how much more it has to offer, to the world as top destination.

As a global company, our Manila workforce is one of the vibrant and colorful communities in RingCentral Filled with shared values and traditions. We’re excited to have launched the “Love, the Philippines: A Love Letter to the World” campaign. Giving our employees opportunities to showcase what’s uniquely Filipino.


Ube Festival

Did you know that Ube (a staple Filipino food) also known as purple yam became an iconic representation of the Philippines in global fame.

Our RingCentral Manila employee engagement team made sure to bring in the fun and Pinoy Pride in the office giving away 3 different free ube treats for 3 days.

Theme Day 2023

The joy of coming together is one of the most exciting moments as we celebrate the comeback of Theme Day. We invited all our employees to come to the office and wear the best attire that represents the rich story of Filipino heritage. But it doesn’t stop with their costumes as teams turn their workspaces into Philippines wonderland. From decorations inspired by destinations,  folklore, myths, tradition, and foods. 

We acknowledge the importance of work-life balance for our employees. Translating engaging activities to a more positive workplace environment strengthening our sense of community.

New hires love the Philippines

Last August 2023 we met our new hires in the office as they’re having their RingCentral 180: New Hires Kickstarter program. Through this initiative, we get to have an effective onboarding plan set for 180 days—allowing a smooth transition to their new roles, learning company culture, and setting them for greater success.

Check out what our new hires have to say about what they love most about the Philippines!