Blog Highlights:

  • Exciting showdown as teams from Customer Care, Sales, Professional Services, New Hires, Business Support, and more face off in basketball and volleyball matches.
  • Meet our rising stars! Hear straight from our newest members—sharing their personal journeys and motivations for choosing RingCentral to boost their career growth.

Onboarding stories

What better way to showcase the RingCentral culture than through the voices of our new hires? Hear what they have to say about why they chose RingCentral and why it’s their top choice!


The spirit of #PlayAsOne and teamwork reigns supreme! Exemplify unity and excellence as PS-Is Ballerz took home the trophy, becoming the RingCentral Sports Fest 2K23 Basketball champions.

Meanwhile, the RingCentral Multiverse Men’s Volleyball Team and RingCentral Sales Women’s Volleyball Team have both claimed victory, displaying determination and spectacle of athleticism in every set and spike! 

Between Wednesday and Saturday, the action kicked off at Gameville Ball Park, wowing the fans and rallying supporters to cheer on their favorite teams. Every participant showed incredible skill, making the games exciting.

To wrap up

RingCentral Sports Fest 2K23 is just one of the many exciting events for our employees. It’s also a chance to come together, share experiences, and forge connections that go beyond the office walls.

From pottery-making in the office and decorating your bay to singing and dancing competitions at every Year End Party, we create a platform for our members to showcase their skills, talents, and hobbies, fostering personal growth and development. Here, we invest in your well-being and celebrate the unique contributions of each individual!

Don’t miss this chance to join our dynamic, inclusive, and diverse family and enjoy opportunities for your career growth without having to sacrifice a fun workplace environment.