After two long years, we are finally back at Okada Manila—celebrating our journey of transformation in Fantasia, the 2022 RingCentral Manila Masquerade Ball.

Over the past two years, businesses around the world have been coping up to the damage the Covid-19 pandemic has caused. We were all put on lockdowns, affecting our jobs, restricting personal communication, and totally changing the “Normal” we once knew. Not a single entity in this world has been safe from it, not even us. It made us appreciate the fun and excitement we had at the office and that eating out with workmates is always better than eating in silence at home. We never thought that, for the longest time, we are but taking things for granted.

The past years may have presented us with trials, but the passion of RingCentral employees championing the needs of partners, customers, and their team has never wavered into giving inspiration to us constantly—Live with Hope. To recognize every small and big win and lead forward to a Stronger Tomorrow, here’s Fantasia, the 2022 RingCentral annual year-end celebration.

Check out our amazing efforts to bring Life At RingCentral back to life and how, for many years, we’ve been awarded the Happiest Employees.

Show off with a purpose.

It’s not every day that opportunities present themselves, allowing us to do our hobbies and serve the community. As RingCentral is known globally for its Culture of Care, we’ve definitely brought it with us at Fantasia. Our very own BSU SUPPASTARS and Sales SPArC have not just competed for themselves as they have brought their chosen charity with them, advocating for their cause.

Kudos to the winner, BSU SUPPASTARS, for taking home Php 120,000 along with Php 75,000 for their chosen charity, LoveYourself, Inc. – advocating for HIV awareness. The Sales SPArC didn’t go empty-handed as they took home Php 70,000 and Php 50,000 to Virlanie Foundation – dedicated to restoring hope to disadvantaged children.

Masquerade ball, literally.
We have been going about with facemasks on for the past three years, so when we say it’s a Masquerade Ball, we mean it. This time it’s FaceMasq Couture turning elegance with a twist.

At RingCentral, we don’t shy away from showing the world that we’ve got incredibly creative and innovative employees.
To show you what I mean, take a look at the best entries from our Hollywood-inspired Fantasia GlamBOT. Our employees’ unique fashion piece is totally trend-worthy

Never not seen.
That is how RingCentral has been culminating its organization and employees, that all efforts, growth, and sacrifice will never go unnoticed.

Every year, RingCentral spotlights incredible achievements and contributions of employees through one of its portions, Elite Awards. This is the time when employees can take pride in all the sacrifices they’ve made so that we all create a better service for our partners and clients. Our goal is to let everyone know that all efforts amount to something and that our success is rooted in having a positive impact at RingCentral.

From the 2,499 RingCentral Manila employees, only 27 employees made it to the cut. Only
1% of the total population of RC-Manila has the opportunity to covet this reputable award.

Out of 2,499 RingCentral Manila employees, only the top 1% had the privilege to take on the stage and be recognized as a 2022 Elite Awardee.

Who knows? You might just be the next Elite Awardee.

“We adopted the message “Live with Hope” to remind us – and others – of the power hope can bring, and the changes it can inspire.” – Joey Lianko, RingCentral Manila Philippines Country Manager