We’d love to take you on a tour where you get to meet the work that we do, the people, and the culture—making who we are today.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll address frequently asked questions about RingCentral, giving a clear path to why we have an award-winning workplace culture—that’s celebrated and loved by our very own members!

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Who and what is RingCentral?

In 1999, Vlad Shmunis and Vlad Vendrow founded RingCentral with the idea of reimagining business communications using the power of cloud technologies.

Through the years of developing a more capable single-app technology to deliver a world-class customer experience, having cloud and business phone systems, chat, and now video meeting functionality. In 2022, we’re proud to share that we’ve successfully connected 5 million users from around the globe.

As of today. RingCentral is a $2 billion global leader in cloud-based communications and collaboration software, growing at 15+% annually.

We’re headquartered in Belmont, California, and have operations in 22 offices located in 14 countries across the globe, including the Philippines.

Meet our Manila team

In 2009, the company established its global office in Manila. Joined by over 2,499 employees and has been expanding ever since—with a dedicated office in Ortigas and Cubao.

Both in 2020. RingCentral Manila won the Gold Stevie Award in Innovation in Human Resources Management and was also named one of the Best Companies To Work for in Asia by HR Asia Awards.

As it has been a rewarding journey, we’ve also encountered some challenges along the way. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on each of us. But, after 2 years, RingCentral is finally back on its feet! Celebrating the 2022 RingCentral Year-end party at the Okada Manila with the theme ‘Fantasia: Our Journey of Transformation.’ There’s no better way for us to recognize the resilience of our members than through such a purposeful event that renews our hope and rekindles a deep sense of togetherness, uniting us as one family.

Life at RingCentral Manila

Workplace culture

Culture is everything. That’s how strongly we feel connected to investing heavily in people’s happiness, creating a meaningful career journey, sharing the same core values, and reaching greater achievements and milestones together.

We’re so proud to share that RingCentral ranked in some of the most prestigious awards for the past years—a true testament to the hard work of our leaders and employees:

Best Company Awards



Employee Recognition

Where there’s a culture of recognition, there are great team members. By acknowledging and valuing their contributions, we create a more fulfilling work environment.

We believe it’s vital for organizations to give credit where it’s due, valuing all the hard work and sacrifices each employee brings.

Each quarter, through the Cloud Awards program. We take a moment to celebrate those who have gone above and beyond in their roles, making outstanding contributions to the company and their teams.

Engagement activities

From Ube festival (giving away free Ube milk tea, ensaymada, ice cream, and pandesal) to #RingCentral180 New Hire Kickstarter, decorate your bay and costume day. That’s just a few examples of how our Engagement team ensures that our workplace is always enjoyable and vibrant!

These activities in our workplace encourage team collaboration and communication and promote better wellness, leading to a more satisfied and motivated workforce.

Keep updated on all RingCentral Manila events and happenings by following us @ringcentralcareersmanila.

Health, wellness and more

We take a holistic approach to addressing the overall well-being of our employees. With the help of our Total Rewards team, they carefully designed our wellness programs and employee benefits to touch on the

Five Pillars of Wellness

Physical • Intellectual • Emotional • Social • Financial Wellness

Mental health

One particular benefit we offer all our employees here in RingCentral Manila is unlimited psychological counseling.

Protecting mental health at work is one way to provide our members with a safe working environment. With access to resources, we help them manage overall well-being.

Physical health

We offer a range of access for our employees to engage in fitness workouts and other physical activities to stay active. All part of employee benefits. 

Looking for a company that prioritizes people and invests in their wellness? Learn more about RingCentral employee benefits here.

Work-life balance

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re all striving to balance the demands of our professional careers and the joys and responsibilities of our personal lives.

Flexible work arrangements

Our approach to a flexible setup allows our members to optimize their productivity in the comfort of their homes and, at the same time, balance it with in-office work—fostering team collaboration, bonding, and hands-on training and development.

CaRing Days

Every quarter, we gift our employees extra time off. Inviting them to relax, detach from work, and spend time with their loved ones or doing the things they love the most.

Having created a fairly unique and special well-being benefit—we aim to improve our employees’ work-life balance, contributing to a more harmonious and fulfilling workplace.

On August 18th, our members spent their CaRing Day doing volunteer work: Brigada Eskwela, a back-to-school program bringing smiles to school children on their first day. 

Diversity and inclusion

By bringing together people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives—we create a more innovative and dynamic workplace environment.

“You really can’t overstate how important diversity, equity, and inclusion are to RingCentral as a culture. It also allows us to connect with communities around the world, which continues to contribute to our bottom-line growth.”
Sonalee Parekh
Chief Financial Officer at RingCentral

Be yourself here

Carrying with them our #WinAsOne spirit, on June 24, we’re proud of our 181 delegations who stood tall in 2023 QC Pride March with 110,000+. Southeast Asia’s largest Pride festival ever recorded.

At RingCentral, we want you to be yourself. Confident and able to showcase your background, beliefs, talents, interests, and values while receiving equal opportunities.

Rewarding opportunities

As we continue to grow as a family, bringing new talents with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas is what truly drives our success—shaping the future of communication.

Talent community

Our talent community is an exclusive space for amazing professionals dreaming of making an impact doing the things they’re most passionate about. 

Engage with RingCentral culture and stay updated on the latest career announcements and openings.

Excited to be part of our Talent Community? Click “Learn more”!

IRecruiter (Non-RingCentral employee referral program)

Do you have the right network and an eye for unique talents that fit with the RingCentral culture? If so, take advantage of this opportunity to become an independent recruiter—whether as an additional income source or a part-time work-from-home job. 

Help us bring valuable additions to our company and enjoy our perks and benefits!

RPeople (Employee referral program)

With the help of our very own members, we get to share RingCentral opportunities with their friends, family, and connections—for a rewarding career experience!


Imagine a career where passion and a sense of purpose guide you on a fulfilling journey. Our story revolves around people—our teams, customers, and the community we serve.

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or simply a forward-thinking individual wanting to accelerate their professional journey with the right career path—RingCentral is the place to be! 

To get to know us better and experience our collaborative culture firsthand, join us and apply today. We believe that by working together and sharing ideas, we can achieve great things and create a positive impact on the world. Come be a part of our dynamic and innovative team, where your voice will be heard and your ideas will be valued.

Join us to help shape the future of communication and collaboration as we continue to innovate and revolutionize the way businesses connect and communicate.

Don’t wait any longer; take the next step towards a fulfilling and rewarding career.